Money Back Policy

Money Back Guarantee gives you the security shield for protecting your rights if
something goes wrong or the duties of our service are not fulfilled. Our main priority
is your highest satisfaction rate, therefore, if any problem encounter, you can always
refer to our policy and request refund at any stage of the order progression.

I want to cancel my order:

At we ensure timely delivery of orders, as well as equity in all
areas. However, if you decide to cancel an order, it is important to consider various
factors. Foremost, you will receive 100 % refund only in case if the order has not been
assigned to a particular writer. Secondly, you can receive up to 70 % if half or less of
the deadline has passed and up to 50% thereafter. Since the writer spent significant
time doing the in-depth research and working on your assignment, he must be compensated
accordingly. If the project has been completed and downloaded to your order page within
the timeframe set, you cannot receive a refund for order cancellation.

I paid for the order twice and placed two identical orders:

You will be eligible for a refund if you accidentally were charged twice for the same
order or paid for its duplicate. However, to receive your money back, it is solely your
responsibility to contact us immediately to clarify the situation; otherwise, we will
assume them as regular orders and will commence working on their completions.

No writer was found to complete my project:

Although we have plenty of qualified writers in various fields of expertise, it is still
possible that on rare occasions for an urgent technical task the writer is not found. In
this case, you will be notified, and we will process a full refund immediately, as we
ensure that we do not inconvenience our esteemed clients at all cost.

My paper was late:

It is important to provide us with all the required information for timely delivery of
orders. If lateness occurs due to the late upload of assignment materials on your part,
no refund can be granted. If due to some other reason the final paper is delivered after
the original deadline, however, you would like to use the work, you can request a
recalculation of the order price to initially agreed time frame option and the
difference in price will be refunded. Conversely, if the order is late and you do not
need it anymore, you can claim a full refund. In such an event, you do not have rights
to use the paper in any way because its ownership belongs to our company and we can
utilize it at our discretion. Please note that price recalculation or lateness refunds
do not apply to revisions since they are processed according to our Revision Policy.
However, if your revision is late the refund can still be issued, every case will be
thoroughly investigated by our Dispute Manager. Therefore, it is important to provide us
with the valid contact information to enable our support team to reach you when the need

Refund Processing:

Once you receive the refund confirmation from our Dispute Department, the company will
process it within 5 business day. Please note, that the refund option is not applicable
to bank transfer fees, VAT, discounts applied and credited money. Failure to submit
evidence required for the dispute resolution within 14 days results in cancellation of
the dispute, after which no refund is possible.