Revision Policy

Our commitment to your academic excellence inspires our goal to complete assignments to
perfection and in accordance with the issued instructions. We are always ready to edit
the completed paper if necessary by providing you with an opportunity to request free
unlimited revisions. To ensure efficiency in addressing client’s concerns on their
papers, we have set up policies to guide you through the process.

All free revision requests must be placed within 10 days after the completed paper has
been uploaded to your account. However, for orders with the Progressive Delivery (most
frequently Thesis or Dissertation orders) the deadline for a revision request is
extended up to 20 days after initial approval. All free revisions might be requested
only if the completed order does not meet the original guidelines. In case, you need
significant alternations, or your revision directions contradict the initial order
instructions, extra fee will be required. Please also ascertain that the revision
request provided must be detailed and as comprehensive as possible to ensure the
accommodation of the necessary amendments. Revision messages can either be posted on
your order page or emailed to support team at
[email protected]

Please note that a reasonable deadline must be provided for the revision to allow the
writer meet all the requirements mentioned. We advise our clients to support our efforts
to offer the premium quality output by checking the completed orders as soon as possible
and place a request for changes, if any, with the appropriate timeframe. The time set
for the revision, depending on the case, cannot be less than 1 hour per 1 written page.
If the completed paper does not open or cannot be downloaded, please contact customer
support immediately so that we can provide a means to preview the document. If any
disputes regarding the submitted paper arise, the Quality Assurance Department will
investigate the case considering the submitted evidence.

It is our responsibility to work in adherence to our policies to limit the occurrence of
misunderstandings and possible delays in delivering a final product that meets all the